band-picOn the Shoulders of Giants started as a fun collaboration between guitarist Dean Murphy and bassist Jonathan Munnier. Dean and Jon originally met when Jon sold a bass to Dean on Ebay, then a couple of years later they got back in touch on Facebook where they started sharing ideas and working together via Skype. After a few initial sessions, they quickly decided to try and make it a full band effort. Dean decided to enlist the services of a vocalist in Dean’s local Florida music scene, Mike Keiper, who he knew from various other projects and bands, and he felt like his vocal style would fit the music.

A couple of months later, it was time for Jon to make his annual trip to the NAMM music convention in Anaheim, CA. Jon is a Warwick endorser, so during his visit at the Warwick booth he talked with fellow Warwick endorsing artist Ryan Martinie, the bassist for Mudvayne, and Ryan mentioned he was wanting to start producing bands. Needless to say, Jon asked Ryan if he’d be interested in producing the debut EP for On the Shoulders of Giants, and after sending the demos to Ryan after NAMM, plans took off from there to get the project going.

At the time, Jon and Dean had an idea for who they wanted to perform drum duties for the project, but being as the project is a long distance collaboration, Ryan asked if they would be open to possibly working with drummer Matt McDonough, who is his drummer in Mudvayne, and the rest evolved from there. Numerous Skype sessions later, Jon, Dean, Mike, and Matt had several song ideas and narrowed down three songs they wanted to do for their debut EP. Recording took place in Jon’s house over four grueling 16 hour days in July, where guitars, bass, and vocals were recorded for all three songs, with the exception of the vocals for Extrinsic, which were recorded at Solomon Mines Studio in Asheville, NC. Shortly after, Jon began the editing process to get the songs ready for mixing, and Ryan enlisted the services of producer/mixer Dave Fortman to perform mixing duties. Adam Ayan performed the mastering services shortly after, and the rest is recent history! We can’t wait to see what the future holds, and we hope you’ll enjoy the journey along with us!

On the Shoulders of Giants: On the Shoulders of Giants

On the Shoulders of Giants is:

Mike Keiper: Vocals
Dean Murphy: Guitars
Jonathan Munnier: Bass
Matt McDonough: Drums


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